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I know some of the pictures I put on here may have a copyright on them.

If you would be so kind as to let me know of the instance I would appreciate it and take it down asap. :)

On a Cloud

The title doesn't mean I'm happy. :/ I couldn't think of anything else. I could have wrote "I'm not dead!" or something more profound, but I don't feel like it.

I just want to take the time out to ask, "Howz ur lief?"

I've found new potential friends, lovers, hobbies, and loathes.

Please excuse me if this post is fairly empty. I mean who really tries to fit several months of life into a single blog post?

don't off me yet! I do live.

DL # 8

All I can say is

This fucker needs a new camera.

DL #7

This guy might be the biggest doucheboulder™ (J) in the world!

He is gorgeous though.

He even has enough time in his busy muscle bound schedule to kiss his bicep from time to time.

MMmmmm cheap underwear. :)

DL #6

This guy is more for a cutesy taste.

He wants to be a housewife that makes him cool in my book.

DL #5

I really like this guy.

This is Bryan.

He adores Beyoncé, he's 20 and he's a libra.

All this is inconsequential, because he looks like this.

I'm done with this one. :)

DL #4

Okay just thought I'd get the ball rolling on the DL Friday's thing again.

We'll start off with this guy.

James a.k.a Jimmer

I didn't just add the trademark. that was all his doing.

I think it's funny...

how gay guys can find a plethora of kindred spirits on blogs. A way to let out your emotions, vent, and make conversation. Apparently lesbians don't do such things.

My friend has been looking for blogs similar to mine and the ones I look at. We simply can't find any.

Guys... we are such chicks... T_____T